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tv   Wake Up With the Wagners  NBC  February 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am PST

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awy snohi wasonngt,spic.c det u yotaare y cloo l a emsuprure coilt bu wding ihichll juehst bcoind ssngreue k >>yoim: y u mabenot e ablcil sethe wihein tmase ibuges et th a flheag ts re ingflyiha at sc st iityis flt ng a shalf itaffn onfr tt ofhihe woute hhise ts rnmoing. aswe we e lcominyou a on da mony r fo rgoodn.easo asin coe yisu m oewsver thndeekeit weat losemsuprure coen us jo sc aaliaownd n t allalhe ten abwhout go is toingplo reace him. an>> draa: tans joi ubu usjrs houft a sera'calieas dth rdimosatthias his ya plreenacemgat ben. b>>usecahee tapass i h is twasifhe fth crvonseveati on the c.ourt ouwithimt h we have aan balced urco reif pntside o claet gve onsomeree moer libnal ot tha tcour w itibuna ma
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s oome alibe ddide this term. u>> or plan to flulfil my ticonsontutiales ribponsieilits itofom neinat ace sucr.sso t >>hihe woute hsea sysat th wo hn'tenappis the with cossngre oa bre withgs flat alf hata sff'r wee se peingbossilean ctdidaes menentiood tep relac jceusti iascal. t >>shat' his pgarero.tive ahe hves e rryight too d it. m >> coresase to hear and deecid bentwee now and july wutitho erconsivvat sea.cali kesey caous cndld ei up tn aie. w>>lle wie sembunliboed anrtio emon dthand horoug tutshi unco.try rtpa fialinoppyg bax tr.paye d >>raemocnst i tistheo cyuntr should not have toai wt a year dedeci. >> wee hav h a.,ae hs the rtigh toom neinatth anouper serem tcourti jusce.
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olokdl kiny onep rcaublinsin y trhwto t[iart cendislernib \ w>> thilemahis uny soked li a amobrsa veepus rcaubliorn st wline he've aeard againnd aiagn. 'sitni turepng rcaublin ns oeach otliher edke tz cru d andldona p.trum hcruzaas wihat nnru ingouin sntol carabina ^do thpre sucoeme anurt etd whorher donot tnald srumpd houlhebe tpun rspeo on tctsele n theext sue premtcourti jus trsump' r iordyer libal orf t pary. >> a dant': leals tkcr wboutd isthht figgo is toing k loo r keli. e thidpres ientois gumpo t nanomi sy.ebodm liepub wcans bill sdoet thaerurthdl griock ihen tte unitad stesat sene? >> ites do. anemd rerembe tht las timey the tgoto inis tht batlebo ao djuliciaaddin nomn.atio
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ipossnin nomjudo t m getr heuthro tghhe se.enat hes wasnt eveyuall cronfimed but eythe werdi holng that hgostae cabe ouseinf falanci tshing ingog o ant theunook mosnths pao tr porhe t eeomin
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ewe havele fihe tna t'if is aep ricubltan il wil be aco vansertiveti jusce. tsfi aoc dem iratt will be a remosper lib rti jusce. k >> tim: yom, aou sre anttude risto sthi a sade tim butli scaa wasld he inuc shh higeg rard. t >> om:inj e woyediatchheng t esuproume crt. ind fiesun tt iieeci fasngnatiro ntit itiereshang tcat sla nfcodirmemonani.usly 'lweel se h tow phat olaysut. wee havn a aenccidtow dn near t theshomand aac mk crente on ha.rmon coeuplf o vehicles involved in that one. lwe'l h seeowha tst iimosha sgpin ghri n rethe a isde fenenr br thee. ouyrer fsewayplinookd. goo yearlve
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ogo tor felly aahoroo la.he t rweth. k >>:ellyth anoeaer bulutify da apon t. mpteureratiges r nhtnow i the dmi andpp uers 50'. 6eveng0-deraempes.ture :0by 9tk loo bto ndarou y 70 b.noon a75 4era wee havturen evas me warradem ttuperares ohen t alus70 ato s s.temes thow ihatgoin i act atweherin comgeratp. uur im>> kes: prtiden pialiolitcs a totop sitry w t asi pas juesticca slia. anhed tom upcing eiolect nand nevadaau cs.cuse hweadea higvywe ihtsown titn wh clninto anda srsnden iwn tor ove the weneekd. >> a: danig crain joss u live tnearhe fusamo v lassega sp.tri te wwegeere gttinenon c l afot oli sanov le isthke weend. > >rewe adeee ind velas sgas,erouthvan neasda h blong eeentexpec rehe. awenre ihe tit pollica otsptligh. now sethe twoveucoc demcratiho tdi cansdatei
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aneouthpad nevoot toi inthbk a tah cinomekes a wee htonhe t cseaucus. eythnt spete a l ootf ae tim spkeaginit whot vers. incl itonss akinger vots tock ba rhe and sdeanrspe sinak tgo ata co rehe ltle ofha wty the acehah d toay s. i>>'mot nta sgndine hervo prinomis estou yet somdean i c vdelier. i'ngelli y cano dhi ts nagai. ew cana hve an emyconono t tecreas jobs, iasncreesn i,come kemapodet imoibosse mor prs,ofitsaise theim minum wage
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mewo wn'say erovdue. >>e th aicmeraneo pplee ar gaen igedhen tit policalro psces in aay wy theotre nnipaay tod heif tyy sa mhi wasnngtou, yo garegoinerai rl matr wayoge, re a going to make egcolluies tre fe,he w tntha has,ppenhe tsre i no ltimi to atwh c weancc aisomplh. >> itas wa sentoran sord whes okspone en o oneh witef jf. thatas w a fnaasciting disiscuson. sernatollrsandeprednjoytand h al_t pre dgoojefro c husiam cnpaig_n fel tew n10s 320 eop wple aeret thatal rly. d >> bana:eerniws dra a c.rowd 0021 ats hin evet. hiyllarn' wast gngettit thay man peopleo ter hen evts.
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nevet pashill pa nevs cu cauhes ty llwiti con tsu home ubecaerse aki lebattndgrou s.tate > op>> hlyefule thda mony mngorni inbra is nel ipln the guy is going to bpor itdma drathtic s cu rese. itoric a dtiituaoon fimr h. aptrpedel bow. he9's 1 yearsld o. sw oeptheff tumre nusero times. a life guard did get to him. they hadem tal ara c tne goet hi om outthf e water. thank goodness i tnhe end tish -y19olear-nld o sdfereor min but he did talkoor repster teafg ayin witery sca ug thoas wng goi topens\ dr.own q detefinierly vyc syar experience. k>>: im whenas a'tnelo. they hades r 1cueeo2 pple o tverheke weend.
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wa,y a lot of las vegseas wnslil tbeverangliow d tn t aa rfoom upc singgprinkrea werevo aleidab. eytht wan to use gt thees msage outry evebodyho wi vishets t be,ach't don putou yfrsel in a priecar soustitua bionseecau rotheeo pple haveo tut pir the olifehen tne lio te sav.ours an>> de'a: huss jryt ting to hang onr fofdeae. lif ckluyile' hs ok. po onpe f day oourisf hp tri otex mo.ic wel'le tll you autbo hisex nt tos apdnha wt hela pns to do enwh hes gethe tre. i>> knm: ay man y e t can'serefu e ther cis anyompa t outan heg lpinlepeop f pay dor aamre inweddt g bue ther cis a aatch ilwe warl shate thin com.g up >> a: danye kant wes hsays bdead.rokei reyou' g not toinglio behoeve w chmusa he e ys h aoweshond w he isru recg itinelto hmp hi get
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im>> k h: wea ave reictuu whifere h youthave y e daoff to kday, iellyngalkicutbouand stjuocterfe \pe temreratues hre lolycal. tisoll tom cee wl wilke tahae ebackwhast itere 's a dricamat ff diteren sry boahe tea werths when heartburn hitsfi ckght bat fas ms tuhi smootrtes stassols diving the instant it touches your tongue and neutralizes stomach acid at the source tu umm, ttu, umm, t
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when g you get oneerig int netomfrry centundlink asm t privd ane they'r delbothediveron er a supt fi-fasneber twork ctdireyoly to e,ur hom it's zi ama ng. i itins amaz g,t buou tdo y hhinkivis del erys a walelitton flat on that e?st ju --ahye. um ul, pain, i thitk lit's abitle lt more ike,"i amt's "azing! w.oh, wooh m,, mo thatre was gooally thk gh [ si s ]fe eel lik lla hoinywood ..sider. ay, ok wi'll iork ont. it ...wm h pris tv gpluserig inteenet sp d enfrom clinktury
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k >> fim: iiretinvesrgatos ryt tingigo f ureout what arst atede hug fire in bokroin l lastig nt.h d>>a:an4 1enef firerighte owshuping tr to gy toheet trun no ibodyednjure. her thistestarjud efst b 8ore.:00 tfireksruced lin d anda ethe strnet iyondarngorni. wne daor yar depttmenedweet stjuor befe30 10:lode bur o time they fillna hyeav l tshihi tnd u corontl. >> im kli: pvetuicsref ohe t o oen the mveo. ilwhthe e person who is doing the camer wakor wl ilomzon idan u yollwie seki h wiminavma fmrohe t baseckt.a
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dto bayy vinisitg theal poimshveri.tate arprepnsatioe wer ymaderdesteay foar m h witsiic iigndouen oppeeln ih tereif drefe ndsu hayeel hd anou ootdr mssa ainub srbuf oex mcoiit c 'sheto sedppy bgehi cnldre ithospenis k a3asle bgssin e thndem ain givdig me tcineneo o dchiln uin us anye eop dr apert on penoit. t'letrs sianontiac b tk tohe live picture because ist'ar re sto peeeopra fisncn ohe t me.ov ashe ctionenus tish meovig rth now throughicex wo, welli coinntue too mn. t>>i-onrima ae:d npehoulf alyt one laa nmonitor it.s yollu'ee s g aatreic pretuue o
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were aon ctinuing toch wats. thi d >> tana:hio tsry sto. erthse inyompaesethera ewes aaketak loof see,attl ata sprtuhe treh tat is beintt ygou will gor diva^a beefor get medarri. it's clal sedanwo th aeyre going to giveunesoupl $ to0010,0r foir theam dre ether a isc cath. fi thepl couete givs ddorcey the thaveoy pa thedar on ma paac brejalu p en atera deep dheir odfds oad s tyingheoget ilutgizina datm fro that apicplioatn. th heye opuyoil wlak te the 1000,0nd ae gtdi rcvo aedndav he to pay theon m beykacit wh reintest. th aeyetre b ytingreou a not ggoin toak met i. t >>inom: ivcentale thk t t.ouco t i wknowe e arnghaviub tro but. d >> cana:n'ouldatt thp helkeep coesuplsheogeta
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rkwo tingmystein tryet ouarnd thesein thnogs kgwin the ru glesgoin. in ki weepinatchheg te pop on the vemo. om>> t n: aiceal vneenti'sto sry th d >> kana:,ellyat greke weeond t beut osidehi ts y wpastndeeke omoreef thae, samsaig r?ht el>> kgely: g ttinerbett. peeslycialyo if keu lim war ertempesaturau bec ise gt'sn gtovaar w n tha we've se eheragma im tjo lseap from styedaery. peeslycialin dure g thrnafteoon hours. fo wr a thilee,herdug thoht i do kn'tp we mado. yet de buet wo tfo74 her t hhiges ydatery. s a afarhes tunraempesture r os 7 pnow,yrettd mil y as inheadutg o t rtnosh laas vegtos ndhenersoorare a,ta.t a encentnial a6t 5 at this hour. wi indshn tele val nyotch mu of abl proem.
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m calll conditis sins.lace theor coladove riral vylehe wre w celdouee sus gst tayod up to mi40 plesouer hr. the briggeic pturee w've got going on, quite a few csloud inmoving m froe thweorthst. we dti get lng aeittle fit oerant pritecipn ationdarout sallake cindty aec expy dr itcondsionla in .egass eg76-d ireesurs odeel xp eedectn atody. tnote qui aor recd. ethor recd is 79.s erovt nigheg49-d areesosnd m clcoear ionditns. 77or tomanrow od 80edn wdanesy eaahfd oto a s s otemn urth.sday 'thatois g ngec knoe mpteureratowes d77tl litdeema butit snll is 70'. om>> t h: wenad aid acc ient menentiodar elier onar h.mon eli b tievehat is gngetti recleautd o of theay w. witasimpilo bngckive traado an lutes bde
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tonehatcc oedurr aou cpleea ntmome ago on 15n dow just as gyou ietnto town tt.ha isn oh t15e or nthou bnd. hawe veaam ceran dow in theeslos area. yanou ce se athey1e liv la thnat o sos it'dic*i insmdein tomotsrise arng goiu aroqu thut oidse. th iats on 1 themi5 congo int e th vlasegasle valy. tl ravestimeun rg ninhein t green. itll's aoo lkingoo gd. en tjoythe sartn ohe tre fs.eway ju lstook out forat thne o deaccint oidutse of t >> m: ki' letets g i you cruh te oplos lacue vieg vas. antd ild couajcoe b a huge night for ndkeckriam l aartht ra giemmmo in los angeles. he has 11icin nomnsation hetlo group theea wdkenene runr
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dane w wlil hveahe tus mt see mmoentsot nly onm fro thec atual udst spngeaki l ofngos aselel llhod,ywooeherenle hewimre jnallo hug broth shion ttigh sfohow her tnt eeir ekwe. th sedatur nayhtig lvei umals i brcelegatin y twosear in the hosting git posofion the totnighw. sho h yasese nbc marinkas thi. veanniyrsarh wit a two hrou ecspial. pe wople cereinallg it aaic mages carpet rdei d hes says he'e ll stidti getseng uho tos it. >>la's it de ra c iea rllyhi tnkbo autt i allhe t time. ie namnd a wee'ru oter he inli caiafornd an i'mn o all bi rdboad an it's c.razy
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ethow shs i fun. wee'rus jt hinavg a odgoi t >> kim: big metirs staey heg lpincehim atlebrl e al we.ek llwielarrenl, jrnifer,opez. onrhadyouseit p.bull rhondaou rsey cgomin upit wh kellndaki talkin agtbouay cda en ostna.he tva vecopof "s iustrated" with alp coufle o oad lies. ka wnye iestn the n.ews veoher tke weeend has w on snl dan w heas tngalki about his coup bmingig amlburhasel r.ease reappa tntlys hat'lathe fte o it. iouf yve haoub a sptscri secervi c youe nl dows ngduris thien inttiromo odperi d heet som thing shade de ot l* oe eopltiquesgoninu hifs e warefor al. het sensu t outetweeh bndi ethce s anestnl se bforene o of hisfo percermanuts o terhe
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an ldkoogino ta mnke zucgrber ato bimil htpte bleit, log okinnvto ia est iobilln lldo iarsisn has ides dau becese he de sae'ys hhes t at gre ain liv tiar o allim te. kanyees wt. an>> dhea: dide ti men hhate wasum hbleho tugh. > > akim:nd sneomeoha tast h deepdaoc p.kets emayb kim ksharda wm: ou c egivietiener he b hus aandan lo. hit'sard to tellit whny ka >> na dame: re imberoy. birongoy vot a seryiapecl onphale cl ageessa from maironn. y aoure going to hear part of that cgominelp. u k>>: imvke hintarin beg lahisriou u as.sual sthie timudgurinuella he tsu k alsl-rtaam g.eev
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omoref thatg hein te battlhe bof trsurge ,on de ae macl "den aratiodeof ous"lici... ack....j
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g. thasoert evouyone cteld tashist maory-urking bgers. amand aterica p.e it utrue ry sto. e we'r emakingurvery b gererbett, kelihe n t dewble ouckja.
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k >>weim: melcoac bk. d >> ana: jtomsoin us. nolyrmal ot^ayolid e wetxpec fitrafoc t l be bightda.e wve ha iga b antidetk taloabo a o>> te'm: wadve heouplf o fe bnderrsended an now thise on on the. 215 hweave ansp osiut vdew.ieerrim lolioks inrockt's bcklogin it tieny.rel ether a isiden acc ot tnhe i15. erthhe tgoank ssodne isck bloing travelhas.aney thsis ieeoplgrgominli rofalm cniforoia tis v hesla gveiajeal v ethve traiml tinlookg bgoodut iec expht tat to anchge. we s'llyohow ut wha the arppeas ot g bereenes timmpo t adetomen vro
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215 eastbound to cnghaert sholy. k >>: ellyrewe aki loo angt otan bherifeautul. day kids not inoo schl today btut i isde 67-s.gree nwiutds o t ofheth nor, henortastt a 11,t gusingo9. 2 ouwe ceeld sus gt upo t0 4esmil oan hheur tre later t.oday swind leightr ths at' gtheood n.ews sa t weake aoo lk at oury da neplanror thouughht te day dato by,y0 9:0. a.m1- 6eedegrs. 001:72 .r r ou thigh 7odaygr6-debi an'sd itng goige to ent evemo waerrm deiltacos ngmip. u d >> tana: yhankou. k >>waim: ntit uouil yar he who waccs a ousedssf at.aul ayouetre ga ide b amann ete cen y sc.reen w heave new aatllegsion hdeadevi your way. >> da:anol peicn ir laus aiatral rr nfcoatisc mue drm*an th yther eve have.
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>> im kb: koe btryan in his k >>tim: aalk mboutust see tv. it was intense and we have t mustee sem m hosdeader you veay wso sbe dsogro farm ndou ethou crynts competing for the title at t dog show. we know whichwo tog dsr ae
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eabr nkingroew ge e thr"spotrllus"atedwim sussit ipek loorreittl ffditerens thir. yeafado ethaz magrang cha iing up. wet wano tea hrro fm. you ae livtror repal loco o isc breaking theov cer. d >> gana:or m.ning it is0 5:3 o shisnowyni morng in theio natn'sit capol. it isgi frid in tnihe uted atstesat sen.odayta m im>> kis: thid hollyeala nep vsa gingeracop kee tingicraffli ro in the. are uyoesdoca be iuseout wos tjusht nige marintrygo t get winto forkore popleo whav heto rnmoing. d >> bana: zelow eroewin nrr tycite yesy.rda nielo benostote yes.rday*r
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teatmper ouresverh te wneeked. im>> k a: were wiatchng t pheeop heon t m.ove tno inis hdi traationle pop bimosle a he msake hisay w uthroakgh mutes b t in fn keli need movkidrouns erha enhe wnas i u thednite atstes. he a had similarne o. nda h weavese thoom mentsea hded uyory. wa d >>: anaavwe he aaj morra tffic acncideot ta tlkbo aut. toom j uinsits whre mon oat th e.on >> : tominworkog t g etmore inatform oionhan wpe hap ilthsis ie15he 2tb easn^ rug nninh soutouas ya l t get willndmie. lanf oklokes liou a ceplel prin mou cleehics voindlvets. thi wenookiog frci_nhe tth sou to thore nlo u yoe thng lyiffs oth in e stdi tancee.herpa^c ik lootirec aionest co'tuldn s wo. r the keblocutd bn' did sny a fitrafomc cing tghhrou. slooke lik t15he 2tb eas iounds
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ewe'rng goi tok loo foror me ewvins ot. tha eltraves timep exc ftor that are tupa otpe s ths at ionthe ccly atidenoqr uscamaing prjor msoble t ntmome. t'lends fi w outishat pe hapning wiouth yo.ea w.ther k >>: ellyertempesatur t inhe idm u andrppea pr0 5 siocatons 6 atlr0 aeady isthkengorni50 ybn noo ade 70-esgretl mosy su snny.kies -d76esegre at0 3:0s iur o exedpectpoyh. hig cas lu yckyfou ie havi toene th dte ofay tod tcan't waiil untso the sedaven- gec fors a watuperaonres w the spluo alli s cghtehanc fto nwhet thalwilsi lom cp. >> a: danig fight nnht o sdaatury tnigh like we'veev ner quite ense it among theub repnlica ndcaesidat forsi pre.dent htheynoad atherat debe ands thi was t aestyndry fie. tiin beg menten icjustale scia. as n theofews d his ceathame
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ewhilbdi canesdatadieb d idadla repntceme of sacali on sthemeupreou crt, the deebat dcbroa oastnbs c got fieryhe wn mptrucuandond ah bus las n ficffed ou abot ethn s_lo/1 9ac attndks ath wheer esprtidenh bus edidhnoug to prtevenhe tm. >i> m aic skd anosofred cro him goafing mterizo am fily. my del ie thdeat gre mestve ali yin min md. ilwh dedonalmp truas wla eld bui ala retvity w, shobr my rsotheenie bungildiec a sy uritraappatotus nt ukeepfes sa i andou'm rfte op hwhatd.e di or>> wrald tu^aen came wndo -- d >> dana:donalmp truch eoing osthiee vnws o sundaya rnmotaing holk syiw sad1 9/1e
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theya hveno athereb date in tohoushn tiso m anthndhe t blrepuican csaucu is tusaayrdn iutsojol carina. k >>thim: oge doj w shodic offyiall kskic t offy.oda weav he aiv leoo lk. wew kno aou cple of the dogs that are the favorites to win btesin show. charlie and boomer there at the adhef oe thckpas a the top pooch to be picked. the owners can onlyop hfoe r rtheirriohamp become antho yeranu ch ttos hiy daghei ytrseaerat ethea beglem rinaos m ulpopogar d i winestmster orhist eano bhagle ond w_l luntipean sno u >> n: glee don. >> ov i leh te ocbstale ce.ours >> : kimwe titransion to this.
5:34 am
fobere. d >> kana:llendans joi w usith ms. thi ethwi smt suis itr consioveral cabewhuse oeat dhs ttoave e itdo worh spndts aor "sp stillud.rate isthr yea tit's chrees overa: erconvonsati. y>>uies qifte dntferen thawhat wese've n en i pthe.ast overpea s tcial whiss mangazi reaeledshr tm* ffditerensel modos tc graee th ovc oersfhr teeif dntfere ednitiof o6 201or "spts ilralust sted" swimuit ioeditn. uyong arioo ling aho rnda ro,wsryle ashray g aham hnd.aley this i tshe ftirsim te in over 5ea0 yrs the hyighlic antedipat eissu freeatusehreel wste thhaere ens betr consyovera e th ypast.ears atheyetre g ptingedrais fe isthelseecausehe women prrentesefe dif brentodyyp tes.
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gegttin alo t oftt aonenti bee causshes i alu psiz se l.mode fne o tihe frsti fove t egrac c the ooverf thisea yr's issue. onouce yn ope up the minagaze, ntheewsnuontit g56inriffr t stoerb peapn ar iima swt sui tiss iue. threey apdincluuereo p fm laly bodoes typ w all oalksf flie. ethue issll wi o bestandes e thurpictn es oweour e.bsitq rewe aor rep lting five tromhe aslu s >> a: danyo if oku lose cloer rousey. .all sshe'ar weing body pt.ain >> : kimnktha you desur ode ctdire or,hthougr wthat sas asuwim abs
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thpee upghr riht, tlaat brear bhab weed addt. tha heon ter covre the n islao bsa bar. w ihata tan ue?her ki>> oom: tqu ris television. d >> iana: bronetoy ggtin an ofalficial clm froon iray m. we t'llellou yha wbet rort wndo jey,ar. hdo t s tayoviie mico h im>> kma: a sn isdtranned i erdesort fund fouey rpuuce lk. wait untilou y hare how he survived. its itu sinnng headedou yr w.ay >> an d ta: pheeops ion he t meov in mexico. heinadpg uhe tp ramnt iois h oeir aeplan. hem: un il wvel haho dur m alaass ay tod\
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5:40 am
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5:41 am
ghhipe temreratusloraod t asin las vegis 76 e ourtexpec high. we g'verarmehopoem ttupera oresn ethy was plu nc chaor f rain. youlur f flasorectom cing up. >> : kimllsti too cme asi masve nfid. itis a recordre b.aker itwail untyo la
5:42 am
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5:44 am
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5:45 am
yorkov grerno etllio serpenc. the couple ofaw lor enfntceme fiofsceray s ingheke chod hern o tusaayrdn i a hotel room sthey tpenttoime ergethth at e 2thear5-ye w-oldnellie lipohece tw kneh eacelrthe bee forsthi enncid isth is shi glfirenrid. poceli are iesnvgatingtihi ts as pasioslebauss.lte wnoyeord dasteromy fri ell t speenc >> a: danic polne ioo us aiatral unannotstargezu seito ofui liqibet m th innt coury. thngei s m tnha 00$9ll miionf oui liqetd mhel hidden in sicileonra ber insts danrt aup siepls. k>>: imcored rwloem traperetus dan aig bno sorwstmla sgmmin
5:46 am
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5:47 am
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5:48 am
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5:49 am
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5:53 am
wkobeillet reirt a the den of thisea sson. thhiis tngad h noef denset al al la nst.ight lotok a thisho st. itoe ds gon i. bko s10red ntoi had 7 assists. it was hisea tatmme rseusll stwekbroot thaon w.v m.p. horsno. wa uitint yluo hear the final cosre. etht wes 196n ieg riulaton. theyin w 19673-1 lastht nig. thsis iun fy.n coia-medunre nd aor acty hevine alchinlengayg dra genreo tmp ar oosh atout oheade f thescontequ hollw take is havin oi ise hvefiee f9 tl?alte k >>heim: i e gaet p.iten >> dana: greend coreoi12 p
5:54 am
tht kinevar hwat hitc him o oh gorto wk. aydr gmond ireent preoty gy ke shr.ootevi thinevt hares gora wk.or che shoot. dane hro tediim hn ohe tas lthon mangkit vat a p. tzeuz deeathue oieo aydronmn gnreero wh itnt pois. anhe tro cwd gsoe crazy. danhe tro i bn goytiet angl cal ofrhe tnmron.a mereermbis thto sryfr omst la week? >> kim:i am d ir >> an d ha: leesivn ius aaltr bangttliti cysibc fsrosi andis h wish toec bmeo a sheuperro,he ty demat i hpeap lntasee wkit wh th heofelp the make a wish gaorzanionti. teafl r alhof t y t ihenmrona mshifel made aeo vidor f w>> ade hte qui the day,t i's ha wrdork sngavi the w,orld 'tisneln t i yhopeadou hs lotp deu f t i be e toyedhic helropteizet
5:55 am
ukeepe p th wgoodes i t don'hido trys veen oft. m i'ngmaki a youonn hyorares me omberve aerngs. ier heby optec bsauero iannm velosou y. d >> tana: aheydskem hi d toot i dand he k >>aim: al loch wis kiven i stoudii wths u0 6:0hi teicrrif. kid salso ttilloe com newt a 6:00. whats i going on here? a d guy'toesnho swp u foror wk
5:56 am
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5:58 am
c roniudy thedfouniono o hut >> : kimsi preiadentanl ctdidaes ta okingver oural vleyis th wed.eken twhat aheyreay s tinggryino t umdr y up sourrtuppohe afad o theve nadaau cescus. >> a danry: vea rre. idpresobent wamaillin nomate a suepremrt couti jusince his alfin year of oceffi. ti v isery rare. iva l rertepo of what the esprtidensn doea't hve a lot of orhistoy t draw f.rom >> kim: we take you down under whreeic polave he szeeid meor sdrug in that cryount'sis htory ethanver beefor andou y're ttge aing idea of weher some of emth were smuggled. >> an d: a06: a0 tnshion myda
5:59 am
vemon iex mico. >> kim: this was from mutines hagoe beoardisd h p.lane ishe in gog not only to moexic but cuba ase h's incontuing to mdru uppo suporrt f theho catlic uchrch. he a hass masay tod in ana are foic mexo which issi conddere theae lstat ccholi ande' wve enbek tal aingbout theis hctori visith withe tad he ofhe t ruanssiho ortdoxrc chuhin takg placen iba cu ift ias hn'ten tak acple adylrea. it>> did overh te wneeked. >> : kimwe t seehe flag fglyin hatalf staff in ourio natn's tocapitl a t whehitese hound a suepremrt could buiing. an>> dina: rbrememance of juesticli scaa. 'wealll tkut abo theht figr ove owh will rlaepce him ijun st a itb. jomaror pmsble on 2 theh15 tis rnmoing. t >> iom: bt's ceendlosen dow tforashe ltf halr ou oro. s ine thas endtboune lao sa


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